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Our Products

Size charts can be found on each product page or individually in the links below:

- General Size Chart

- J/Slides Size Chart

- La Canadienne Size Chart

Named after King Louis XIV, who popularised the style in the seventeenth century. The term Louis refers to heels with a curve like an hourglass.

The shape is very ergonomic as the heel is placed directly under the natural heel of the foot, thus creating balance and even distribution of weight which helps keep the back and legs aligned.

Sacchetto construction originates in Bologna and translates loosely from Italian as “little bag” because the shoes upper and lining are sewn together into a tube before being turned inside-out and attached to the sole.

This construction is known for its comfort as it ensures shoes are both highly flexible and soft with minimal internal stitching.

Effective heel height refers to how much the shoe actually elevates your foot versus the physical height of the wedge or heel itself.

For example, a sandal like RANA80 has an 80 mm block heel but a platform of 20 mm so your foot is only inclined 60 mm.

Imperfect products are those that have a flaw but some damage will be almost unnoticeable while others may be more obviously imperfect. Some products will have scuffs, discolouration and other individual variations.