About Our Brands

While the majority of our collections are developed in house under our house brand Filippo Raphael, sometimes we discover brands that we think offer something special and we work together to bring that something to our customers through an exclusive partnership.

Learn more about our Brands:

Filippo Raphael

This is the core of our business, an in-house brand backed with decades of experience and heritage. The product here is unique to us and quintessentially Edward Meller. It is lovingly curated and developed season after season in conjunction with the best international factories to bring exciting and beautiful product with a global sensibility to our loyal Australian customer. This product embodies our core values of quality craftsmanship, comfort, fit and function. Expect to be wearing and loving these shoes for years to come!

Platinum Collection

This is a newer addition to the family, an offshoot off Filippo Raphael that represents the more fashion forward and event dressing parts of the collection. Expect to find towering heels, special fabrics, and a bit of glamour. We don’t believe pain is beauty, so our hallmarks of comfort and craftsmanship apply here too. We want you to look and feel great no matter the occasion!

La Canadienne

La Canadienne was born in Montreal in 1987, it is family owned and boasts over 70 years of experience crafting shoes.

Their City Dry™ footwear is crafted from Italian leathers and suedes and treated with their patented waterproof* technology. Handmade in Canada, Spain and Italy, with ethics and the environment in mind. Every boot is hand cut to ensure a quality fit and an unsurpassable level of comfort. They take tremendous pride in every item that they manufacture. Skilful eyes inspect each skin prior to production and every finished style is inspected by hand before being packed. Great fit and consistent quality have become synonymous with La Canadienne.

*The waterproof guarantee excludes zippers, lace openings, elastics and genuine shearling shafts.

Pretty Ballerinas

Originating from a heritage of craftsmanship that dates back to 1918, Pretty Ballerinas captures the essence of artisanal shoemaking. Handcrafted on the sun-soaked island of Menorca, Spain, each creation is a testament to the expertise of a family firmly entrenched in the art of footwear. With a legacy spanning a century, Pretty Ballerinas has become a beloved choice among celebrities, drawn to the brand's authentic charm and enduring quality. A celebration of 100 years in the art of shoemaking is evident in every meticulously crafted piece. At the core of their identity lies an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, involving over 60 dedicated artisans in the creation process. Reflecting their dedication to excellence, Pretty Ballerinas sources the world's finest materials, infusing each creation with a touch of luxury that resonates with those who value both style and quality.

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