What is the Sacchetto Construction method?

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What is the Sacchetto Construction method?

Sacchetto construction is a sophisticated technique used in crafting high-quality footwear, particularly shoes and boots. In simple terms, it involves creating a soft, glove-like interior for the shoe by stitching the upper leather directly to the lining, without any visible seams or rough edges inside. This results in a smooth and comfortable interior, akin to wearing a cosy sock.

The process begins by turning the leather inside out and carefully stitching the upper part to the lining. Once this is done, the shoe is turned back to its original state, with the seam hidden between the upper and lining. The sacchetto construction offers several benefits, including enhanced flexibility, better fit, and reduced friction, making the shoes incredibly comfortable to wear. Though the technique requires more time and skilled craftsmanship, the end product is a premium pair of shoes that prioritize both style and comfort for the wearer.

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