Made In Spain

Made in Spain

Each factory and supplier we work with is carefully considered for not only what they are able to bring to the table but how they align with our core pillars of quality, craftsmanship, comfort, fit and function.

 We are extremely proud of the enduring relationships; skilled artisanship and hard work that goes into creating our beautiful product: every shoe, every season.

For our Winter collection, we rely on Spain to provide beautiful European products. Our Spanish factories are family-run and multi-generational companies like our own with almost 60 years of experience.

They are experts in design and honour a traditionally beautiful Spanish aesthetic while always looking forward to innovation. These hand-crafted artisan pieces are classic enough to stand the test of time but interesting enough to offer something special and captivating. Look for exotic materials, beautiful details and subtle twists on the expected.

 Artisans sew these beautiful shoes by hand with a focus on design and comfort. Look for creative uses of natural materials and authentic Spanish details.

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