La Canadienne AW23

La Canadienne AW23 Collection

Montreal born. Canadian to the core.

La Canadeinne was born in Montreal in 1987. For decades, La Canadienne has been engineering high-performance footwear with a no-compromise approach that marries design, function, and ethics and we are pleased to announce the arrival of their exclusive, limited AW23 capsule to Australia.

We love that they take tremendous pride in every item that they manufacture and deliver and are continuously trying to improve their product to benefit their customers and adapt to their lifestyles.

BRAYDEN Tall Chukka Boot in Black

Timeless Designs

La Canadienne's footwear is designed to keep pace with fashion and the performance necessary for life in motion. Timeless in style. 

Comfortable, whatever the distance. Durable no matter the forecasts. 

City Dry™ Technology

La Canadienne's footwear is sought after for its legendary City Dry™ waterproofing technology. A unique technology that repels water from the surface. Coupled with breathable materials, their shoes are designed to keep feet dry and warm.   

*The waterproof guarantee excludes zippers, lace openings, elastics and genuine shearling shafts.

Fair & Well Made

La Canadienne prides itself on its High-quality leathers sourced in Italy. Handmade in Canada, Spain and Italy, with ethics and the environment in mind.

Environmentally friendly dyes and protective agents, as well as recycled materials, are used for their packaging. Their focus on detail extends to their keen awareness of the environmental impact of their products.

They are deeply committed to meeting and exceeding all environmental regulations, not just in their product but in their operations as well.

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