Introducing The Imperfects

Introducing The Imperfects

Minor imperfections, major discounts - up to 80% off! Strictly limited availability.

Edward Meller is synonymous with quality, and our commitment to the highest standards means that our quality control team can reject a minor defect or imperfection.

They are more than fit for purpose; we like to think of them as our ‘Imperfect Beauties’.

We cannot guarantee which imperfect you may get, as the level of imperfection will differ from pair to pair and bag to bag. Some examples of an imperfection may be:

  • Scratches
  • Scuff marks/minor stains
  • Logo discolouration
  • Imperfect finish/cosmetic imperfections
  • Excess glue and/or glue splatters
  • Pen marks on some part of the fabric
  • Discolouration on one shoe (possibly due to being on display)

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