Behind The Brand: EDWARD MELLER

Behind The Brand: Edward Meller

Yael Star, Creative Director of Edward Meller looks back on the brand’s incredible legacy and shares her vision for the future.

After opening its first store in Sydney in the mid-’50s, Australian shoe brand Edward Meller was purchased by Raphy Star and his cousin Phillip Shulmann nearly 30 years later. Since then, the brand has become known for its purpose-designed, fashion-forward footwear – a tradition Star’s daughter Yael continues today as Edward Meller’s creative director and CEO. Here, she chats with JONES Magazine about the joys and challenges of continuing her father’s legacy.

Yael Star CEO of Edward Meller

Edward Meller is a family business. What is it like to be part of a brand with such a rich and storied heritage?

Growing up in a family business, you can take for granted what an impact a brand with such a long history can have. It was only when I joined the company a bit over 25 years ago that I truly appreciated it. It is so exciting to now have my own daughter involved in the business as we continue to grow and evolve so that a whole new generation of customers can make Edward Meller memories.

What is most important to you when building a new collection?

AW23 Silver mirror product group

I look to our customer’s needs first. I spend a lot of time on the shop floor, engaging with our clientele to understand what they’re looking for. Like me, our customers are often balancing a family, career and hectic life. They value comfort and quality, and they care about looking and feeling great. They want something functional and fashionable that works across many areas of their busy lives. All this factors in when building out a collection. We consider every piece’s place in the collection and what it can bring to the table. We know our customer trusts us to be a destination for all their footwear needs – casual to formal and everything in between – so we endeavour to exceed this expectation.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all aspects of life. Travel plays a big part in informing each collection, especially my time in Europe. Whether it’s shopping the newest designer collections or local boutiques, visiting the shoe fair, walking the streets or just sitting and people-watching in a cafe, bar or hotel lobby, there’s so much to take in and be inspired by. Fashion, of course, often sets the tone for the collection, too: we focus on interpreting international trends in an accessible way for the Australian consumer.

What is the biggest misconception about the brand?

Yael Star working on the shop floor at David Jones

That we skew more mature in our style or are prohibitively expensive. The opposite is actually true. We focus on creating timeless investment pieces that, while fashionable, will remain relevant for years to come. We don’t cater to an age bracket but rather a sense of effortless style that can be embraced by anyone.

What does the future hold for Edward Meller?

It’s hard not to imagine all the possibilities, but I like to keep it grounded in the present and just really focus on delivering the very best collection season after season. As my daughter learns the ropes by my side, I imagine a future where we are always bettering ourselves and where I can one day hand the reins onto the next generation.

 Yael's Top Sale Picks

MARCELLE Multi Buckle Espadrille in Offwhite
AMOS85 Pump with Louis Heel in Black Suede
KAIYA85 Two Strap Slide in Silver Satin
ISLA110 Diamante Mulitband Platform Slide in Black Satin
MARCELLE Multi Buckle Espadrille in Offwhite AMOS85 Pump with Louis Heel in Black Suede