About Us

edward meller is a family owned company, with provenance of some 60+ years in the fashion and footwear industry.

Maintained by a team passionate about excellence, together we select, create and design our collections for Australian women to ensure the highest quality, with exquisite fit and comfort.

Our team is proud and passionate about ensuring the quality and design of our products, with our Creative Director, Yael Star, personally trying on every shoe in each range to ensure that the fit and comfort align with the design.

Our owners, since the day edward meller was launched, have been focused on quality. We ensure that all products are exclusive and manufactured in the highest quality factories in Europe and Asia. Our point of difference is we create luxury, chic footwear at an affordable price.

We live and breathe our brand with endless commitment to impeccable style, quality and beauty. As one of the largest importer from Italy and Spain, sharing our love of European leather combined with immaculate products is testament to our 60-plus year business and our extremely valuable and loyal clientele.


About Our Brands & Where You Can Find Us?

Our collections are available online and in store at Edward Meller and we are thrilled to be one of David Jones’ exclusive footwear brands.

edward meller is the exclusive Australian distributor for the following exquisite and superior brands:

Filippo Raphael – established by two dedicated cousins, Raphael Star and Philip Shulman, Filippo Raphael is a reflection of our appreciation for exquisite European leather footwear providing chic comfort that will see you from day to evening. FilippoRaphael is a brand exclusive to edward meller.

Aquatalia boasts a combination of quality, luxury, versatility and innovation. Crafted in Italy, founder Marvin Kransnow bridges the gap between style and function. Aquatalia’s most unique feature, apart from the exquisite quality, is the weatherproof technology applied to his leather and suede boots.

Lorbac – since 1960, Lorbac has specialised in sandals and shoes, achieving the perfect balance between elegance and design. Emerging from Valdarno, a creative hub in Italy known for its production of leather goods and footwear, sold only in the most exclusive shops worldwide.

J/Slides: a New York native, J/Slides deliver the modern woman with authentic and effortlessly cool footwear. JSlides co-founders, Jay Litvack and Dimitri Mavridakis, use a culmination of international influences to inform their superbly crafted luxurious sneaker collections.